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First and foremost, we at Generalgregory.com firmly believe that we should all:


As a result, we beg of you to discard all feelings of racism, sexism and their dishonorable cousins intolerance & hate.

The objective of the Generalgregory.com website is not to try to convince someone of our opinions. We are not that smart; not even close………trust me.

Whether we get one visitor or a billion visitors, we are certain that there will not be one worth judging another. I would bet my life on that. Your opinion is without question; as valid as ours. When time permits, please chill in our music store, check out my spiritual play The Pit, read our mini-stories on GOD, The Tolton Bank© concept for the future of urban education, and much more.

Great Blessings to each and every one of you and thanks for visiting!!

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