(Indestructible souls prior to the Big Bang

The brilliant Michael Polanyi once said “The Bible may still be pregnant with lessons unimagined that meet today’s great needs! An era of great religious discoveries may lie before us!”

Well, who would disagree that we have great needs that lie in front of us today that beg for a totally new and different solution………. before it is too late.

I agree with Polanyi and from that, I am claiming that Proverbs Chapter 8, provides me with such a religious discovery that meet today’s great needs! The discovery I am unveiling comes is in the form of a revelation that suggests an entirely new way of looking at our lives, each other, nature, and our deep, deep, deep connection to God.

I tell you the God’s honest truth; that since I was about 17, I passionately believed that each and every one of us existed AS INDIVIDUALS before our birth!! Don’t ask what made me think that, because I have no clue. But I do remember that ever since then, whenever I think about it, I feel a gentle warmth come over me and find myself smiling for seemingly no reason!

I of course never mentioned this vision to anyone, including family and close friends because I knew it could only come across as crazy thinking, plus the fact that, even I could not say how it was even remotely possible for us to have existed as individuals before our birth.

 I stayed in limbo on this for nearly 40 years; until now.

The Lord, at the exact right time, placed a work by Wilhelm Godfried Liebniz called The ‘Monodology’, in front of me to read. I cannot explain the blissful feeling that came over me when the contents hit me like a bolt of lightning.  Since I claim this famous work of philosophy backs up the Word of God itself, I should at least insert a few points to show you good folks why I am so enamored with it; in other words, why do I so insist that the concepts from this incredible work are real.

A few select points found in this great spiritual work:

1.    The Monad is nothing but a simple substance which enters compounds. By ‘simple’ is meant ‘without parts.’

2.    And there must be simple substances, since there are compounds; for a compound is nothing but a collection of simple things.

3.    Now where there are no parts, there can be neither extension nor form [figure] nor divisibility. These Monads are the real atoms of nature and, in a word, the elements of things.

4.    No dissolution of these elements need be feared, and there is no conceivable way in which a simple substance can be destroyed by natural means.

5.    For the same reason there is no conceivable way in which a simple substance can come into being by natural means, since it cannot be formed by the combination of parts.

6.    Thus, it may be said that a Monad can only come into being or come to an end all at once; that is to say, it can come into being only by creation and come to an end only by annihilation, while that which is compound comes into being or comes to an end by parts.

7.    Indeed, each Monad must be different from every other. For in nature there are never two beings which are perfectly alike.

8.    But it is the knowledge of necessary and eternal truths that distinguishes us from the mere animals and gives us Reason and the sciences, raising us to the knowledge of ourselves and of God. And it is this in us, that is called the rational soul or mind. This is what differentiates us from plants and animals.

9.    Thus, the final reason of things must be in a necessary substance, and this substance we call God. There is only one God, and this God is sufficient.


THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!

I was NOT crazy all these years thinking that we existed as individuals before our birth!!! I now can speak on how that is possible! The final thing that ‘sealed the deal for me ’was reading Proverbs Chapter 8 vs 27 thru 31 (NIV) as AUTHORITY, as I comment on its connection to my revelation:

27 I was there when he set the heavens in place,

when he marked out the horizon on the face of the deep,

I argue that the noun ‘I’ represents all of his created souls that will eventually exist in the universe He will create.

30 – Then, I was the craftsman at his side. I was filled with delight day after day, rejoicing always in his presence,

31rejoicing in his whole world and delighting in mankind.

 Now is a great time to recall that wondrous smile on our premature infant above……

I say boldly THAT IS THE FACE OF PURE DELIGHT OF AN INDIVIAUAL SOUL KNOWING ONLY GOD. He is clearly far too young to know anything else!!

From this revelation, I want to share the following everyday observations with you good folks that support my claim that we existed as individuals before our birth in a place I call Inside the Mind of God.

1-When very young children look in wonder and amazement at objects in their surroundings, they will say things like; look ma, a dog! or look ma, a train!, or look ma, a bird! We teach our children about these things and objects in our environment and their newly formed memories produce a real joy to them, and to us, when they see them again. Yet it is totally unnecessary for us to teach them about the existence of human beings. We do not see that same amazement in their eyes when they see humans as they do when they see the other things just described that we taught them about. They somehow recognize a fellow human being without having been taught about them and are therefore not amazed, which is amazing itself.  Look ma, a human being! was never uttered by a child. THEY ALREADY KNOW WELL ABOUT OTHER SOULS.

2- If you look with discernment while seeing very young children gazing at other human beings, you will notice that it is not a case of what they are seeing, as in a car, a train, or a dog, but who they are seeing, as in, who are you? not what are you?

3- Often, we see very young children react to the sight of other humans with a smile; and automatically want to share something they may have or wave hello to someone they’ve never seen before.

4-When we stretch out our arms to them, they often come to us with a loving embrace we did not teach them. We know well that parents never need to teach their children how to hug but need to teach them how to talk or how to ride a bike. These things are common knowledge.

5- Referring once more to our smiling infant, the unique level of seemingly unwarranted happiness is highly curious. I say unwarranted because of the things we know that make us adults happy, like material possessions, sex, nice cars, nice clothes, money in the bank, career achievements, travel, social status, etc.; yet our young friend has none of these things. I very seriously ask; what on earth, then, makes him so incredibly happy?

Well, I offer a different understanding of Proverbs Chapter 8 verses 27 thru 31 (NIV) based solely on my interpretation of Leibniz’ Monodology, and a revelation of what the Lord has placed in my mind….. and also, on my heart.

A good analogy of this revelation can be found in the idea of an architect’s model for a new skyscraper. The architect constructs from his or her mind, a model of a three-dimensional skyscraper down to the tiniest of details! In other words, we can examine all the details of a huge physical structure BEFORE the structure actually exists!! Just try to imagine what GOD can do in HIS mind!!

I call this revelation INSIDE THE MIND OF GOD: It says:

Proverbs Chapter 8v 27-31 tells us that we, as individual souls, existed in the Mind of God before….I repeat BEFORE HE created the universe. I argue we existed as individual Monads (souls created from eternity with no parts, no length, no width) rejoicing with Him and delighting in mankind, just as we were told plainly in the Word of God itself. Every tiniest of details, the creation of every single atom that will exist in His universe, including each of our entire lives from birth to death, and how every tiny detail of our lives contributes to HIS perfect plan.

Well, if my revelation is in reality true; and I of course believe that it is, this explains God’s perfect FOREKNOWLEDGE OF ALL THINGS TO COME and knowledge of all things past …..AS THEY EXISTED IN HIS MIND BEFORE HE CREATED THE UNIVERSE.

And as He saw fit, my revelation is in wonderful synch with Leibniz’s famous ‘doctrine of pre-established harmony’ that says: the things of our world seem to smoothly interact with each other because they have been programmed by God in advance to “harmonize” with each other.

So, Yes…. I say every tiny bit of our existence takes place IN HIS MIND BEFORE THE creation of the universe or before the ‘BIG BANG’, if you wish to give it a name!!