On Erasing Our Sins

Taken from the play The PIT: The Road to Salvation

Scene: The discourse has somehow turned to the question of God erasing our sins. A nice short story is mentioned by one of the guests suggesting that erasing our sins will not be necessary!

Rick: [sitting behind Paul the Apostle stands to speak] What I loved most about Kahlil Gibran’s words on religion, was when he spoke of looking into space for GOD and seeing Him in the clouds, lightning and falling rain. I actually experienced something very close to that one day staring deeply at the raindrops ever so delicately bouncing off the tree leaves in the park.  I cannot tell you how peaceful I felt right afterwards. More importantly, for a short while after that, it would have been literally impossible for me to commit any kind of sin, not even so much as a thought about a sin!!!  I swear on my mother’s grave; that that feeling and reality actually happened to me. I fully admit that it was very temporary; as my sinful nature resurfaced, and took its usual place again. [now looking at Socrates]

I have done a lot of thinking on that experience since then and I would like to share my thoughts with this group; if I am permitted. [remains standing]

Socrates: [remains seated responds to Rick] Absolutely! That is why we are here. Please tell us of your thoughts.

Rick: [looking at Socrates] Thank you sir. I promise to be very brief.  [now looking at the group] As I thought over and over about that experience and my finding it impossible to even so much as to think about sinning, much less do it, something dawned on me. I am not an avid Bible reader and I confess that I do not regularly go to Church, but I do know that somewhere in the Bible, it says that one day, we will see Him “face-to-face”.

GOD, in his Magnificence, will not need to ‘erase’ sin from us, the way writing can be erased from a chalkboard. His brilliance, power and beauty, will be so fulfilling and so all-encompassing and mesmerizing, that ALL sin will be eliminated from us by default : just by our simply gazing upon Him; the way we see things in life now. For we will be able to do nothing else besides eternally basking in His Glory.

These are just my own small thoughts and I thank each of you for listening.   [sits]

Paul the Apostle: [stands and faces Rick] That was quite inspiring. We have absolutely no reference to begin to conceptualize and visualize what Heaven may be like. You have been touched, and should consider it a real blessing for such words to come out of your mouth, and have real meaning to us all.  [sits]



Dear Readers;

I also happen to agree with this. As a demonstration, I suggest looking deeply at something you deem very beautiful, like a special flower. As you bask in its beauty try to think of something sinful, like harming someone. You will find that you cannot think on both at the same time!

If the beauty of a flower can do this to our sinful natures, just imagine being NEAR TO GOD in such a way that we can actually see him face-to-face as we see each other now!!

Blessings to each of you!!