The Victory Equation

Another excerpt from The PIT: The Road To Salvation.

Scene description:

The discourse has reached a fever pitch with both sides launching heavy artillery at each other. The question of which side is stronger, the side of GOD or the side of Lucifer is now front and center.  Many of the present day guests are getting worried that the side of Lucifer may just win out in the end. Paul the Apostle comes to the rescue with an amazing bit of faith based mathematics to turn the tide.

Paul the Apostle: [continues as he looks directly at Lucifer] Now, I need a direct answer from you on this question. Do you dare claim, either aloud or in your heart that you are greater than or equal to GOD? Before you answer, I strongly suggest you remember what happened the last time you made that same preposterous claim!!

Lucifer: [shaking his long fingers responds to Paul looking quite mad – you can hear a few claps of thunder] That has nothing to do with anything!!

Paul the Apostle: [ready to respond looking back at Lucifer] But it does!! Now let me finish. You claim not to be the losing side while I claim that you are.

I will start my counterclaim by entering through the rear door using a bit of simple algebraic thinking. Allow me to begin by setting up the following equation:   V=A+B+C+D²+E²+3F

Where A: is the obvious superiority and power you have over us. B: is those who deeply believe in you have testified to their complete satisfaction. C: is we have confirmed that you also move through time. D: is we admit that there is indeed some portion of you and your doomed children, Pride, Hate, Lust, Greed and Violence in each of us, giving you a huge leg up on us right from birth.   E: is your power that you can actually deliver wants and desires is already proven and well known. F: admitting that we are unquestionably weak and easily persuaded by pleasures from simple things like money, power and sex. And finally, V: is the victory you can claim when you are able to win over our souls.

Initially, this equation was purely linear, with no exponents or multipliers on any of the components. After a second review, I decided that I was not giving you enough credit for your abilities and hence not being completely fair to you. For example, let’s take a quick look at ‘D’: As a result of Original Sin, where we are all born with sinful natures, you have not simply a huge advantage, but one that is geometric in size and scope; hence the exponent. The same type of logic applies to ‘E’: Being able to actually deliver wants and desires right here and now is not only enormous, but also geometric, creating yet another exponent. In ‘F’, the simple truth is that dangling things like money, power and sex in front of us is analogous to handing candy to a baby, i.e., quick, easy and almost always effective; hence the triple multiplier.

Lucifer, I now pose the following straightforward question to you and your five despicable children:  With these six powerful weighted components all clearly in your favor, how is it that you still cannot claim Victory to satisfy the equation in so many, many cases?

Albert Einstein: [immediately stands and interrupts with both his fists waving in the air] TRAPPED!!! That is what you have him: for there is no escaping the math! [sits]

Mel Greenberg: [also stands to interrupt looking at Lucifer] Lucifer, I see that confident smirk and grin is no longer there. Albert is right; you’ve been trapped like a rat! [sits]

Leonardo da Vinci: [stands to speak looking directly at Lucifer] Sir, I strongly suggest that you capitulate. If you continue to claim that you represent the winning side, it will now appear to all, including your own five horrible children, to be nothing more than a fools dream. [sits]

Dear readers:

Over the years, I’ve heard much talk about the so called battle between GOD and Lucifer. I admit that in the end GOD always seems to ‘somehow’ win out; but it is always portrayed as a really tough knock down fight; like an ‘Ali versus Foreman rumble in the jungle’ type of thing. To this I firmly say HEAVEN FORBID SUCH THINKING!!

Listen to this short and dazzling display of logic by Mother Theresa as she confronts Lucifer directly about why she, being such a small frame woman, is not a bit afraid of him:

Mother Theresa: [slowly rises from her seat to face Lucifer]

Lucifer, one last thing: ever wonder why I, such a small and frail woman, am not a bit afraid of you? What are you, six feet six inches tall and well over two hundred pounds? And very strong on top of that! That is because while you are clearly superior to me, we are both finite and both created by GOD Himself, from nothing.

The answer is a bit mysterious and lies in the rationale behind the Victory equation just spoken of where you have so many powerful things in your favor and yet still cannot claim total victory in many, many cases!  [now looking sternly at Lucifer]

Look at me, listen very closely and follow this tiny bit of logic:

If I am A, and you are B, and GOD is C, then the following applies: C minus A is infinite. C minus B is also infinite. B minus A is large. The difference between large and infinite is also infinite. Sun Tzu was therefore right when he says that one side may not only be stronger than the other, but much, MUCH stronger.

Truth be, the side of GOD is infinitely stronger.

As a result of this, what fear should I have of you, once I embrace the side of GOD? For we are both truly insignificant miniscule peons compared to HIM. [sits]   [Lucifer looks very angry]

Albert Einstein: [jumps to his feet] TRAPPED YET AGAIN!!!! Once more, he is done in by the math! [now looking at Mother Theresa] I admire your approach in facing him head on. I could not have done a better job myself. I know you’re not a mathematician, so I am even more impressed with you. GOD is indeed far past amazing and for sure, works in mysterious ways! [sits]