The PIT: The Road to Salvation

A play by Dennis Kevin Gregory

YOU are invited to participate in a once in a life time event that I promise you will not soon forget. While Christian based, the invitation is extended to people of all faiths and even people with no faith at all.

What’s the deal?

We will have a very unusual discourse on GOD taking place in a very unique setting and attended by people and beings you never thought you would confront face to face at any point in your life. Huge stones that rarely if ever get moved will be unearthed here as we look boldly into the abyss, only to quickly recognize that that abyss is us.

We will attend a remarkable boxing match, confront powerful guests, visualize scenes and discuss concepts that will surely invoke a wide range of emotions; from outright fear and disbelief on one end, to absolute disgust and anger on the other.

Since this is a discourse on God, the dramatic end will reveal a real peace, beauty and power for ourselves.

This is a short excerpt from the play The Pit: The Road to Salvation Do enjoy.

Scene: Dennis is about to introduce his very special guest to the discourse.

Dennis: [moves over to the vortex and faces the audience] My next guest is without question, the most formidable adversary ever conceived. He will occupy the open seat at the south end of the table, and has agreed to participate in the final phase of our discourse. While he is here, I strongly suggest that you just be yourselves. Do not be angry or afraid, for he will surely feed on your anger and or, your fear. Do not be combative, for his powers are undoubtedly way too much, for us to even think about defeating him on our own. Many names, has he.

[Violence, Greed, Pride, Lust and Hate, knowing who is to about to enter, arrange themselves in a horseshoe shape in front of the vortex and get on their knees with their heads bowed, arms and hands fully extended on the ground in a full worship position]

It has been said that all human tribulation comes from him.



[Picks up the bullhorn and loudly announces] I give you:



[The music of Walter Beasley’s – I Feel You, now fills the room as he enters. He is well built at six feet six inches tall with small but penetrating red and yellow eyes that are quite menacing. His facial skin is two toned; with alternating wavy stripes of red and black with his black straight hair as hard as concrete. He is wearing a dark red Nehru jacket with gold buttons from the neck down and a small amount of grey smoke slowly coming out from the stiff collar. The sleeves of his jacket do not quite reach his wrists with his hands revealing very long and slim fingers tipped with superbly polished, razor sharp nails. It is almost like he wants to show you that his ‘magic’ is real, and that he has nothing up his sleeves to hide.]

Lucifer: [does not dance around the table as some others have done upon their arrival, but you can see his head slightly bobbing while rocking to the beat of ‘I Feel You’ as he stands in place with the smoke from his collar increasing in intensity. He decides to acknowledge his favorite people from where he stands; as he points them out with his long fingers]

Francois Duvalier! P.W. Botha!, Field Marshall Idi Amin!, the one and only Marquis de Sade!, and Brutus!. I am proud of what you all have accomplished in life. I therefore bring you all very personal greetings! I will save my individual comments about each of you for later. [Each bows their head to Lucifer in full respect] [His eyes now stop and focus on Adolph]

Adolph Hitler! How rare it is for such a low mortal human to actually make me look good. You are indeed one for the ages! We have much to talk about.
Adolph Hitler: [stands; immediately now realizes what Dennis was up to in his deal; bows his head and speaks to Lucifer with the utmost of respect] Yes; my master. [sits]

Lucifer: [now looking down at his children: Hate, Violence, Greed, Lust and Pride, all kneeling in full worship positions while awaiting his orders; stretches out his arms with his hands facing up to signal their instructions.

RISE MY CHILDREN!!!…..and take your seats at the table.

[curtain lowers] [end of act three]

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