Dr. Gregory received his doctorate from DePaul University in Chicago. His research interests lie mainly in developing a different future for urban education and the communities they exist in.  It has become his life mission. The once unthinkable level of violence of today in urban areas is far more than just statistics. It is telling us that we are in the last days. When the catastrophe will come is anyone’s guess; it may be five years or five generations from now….but the handwriting is on the wall. Please join me in prayer for our children.

Dr. Gregory is also known on social media as General Gregory; a split personality if you will, and the name of this website. As we all know, generals give out orders. As an example, on social media you might hear General Gregory bark out:

Be kinder than necessary!  THAT’S AN ORDER!!

It is my way of using humor to communicate the thoughts GOD has placed in my small mind to spread them according to HIS wishes. In my prayers each and every night, I ask that HE continue to USE ME for this purpose. It gives my life incredible peace and contentment, something all the money in the world cannot purchase.